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The Seres Agenda final 4th edition has a special techniques section added to safely explore & awaken hidden truth.
Visualize, Dream, Prepare
and Dreams Manifest.
      (Hidden Truth Revealing Epic Adventure Books, Feature Film Projects, And Related Music)                
(Available Soon!)  For the first time, R. S. Lemriel's          books reveal answers to many mystic mysteries experienced by human beings throughout history.
  (Available Soon!)  Author's background: journeys into other realities fueled the creation of R. S. Lemriel's music, books, and screenplay writing. (A Destiny Unfolds!)
Who's Dreaming Me Anyway? is an original adventure comedy screenplay by Mr. Lemriel, who's slated to Direct the feature film and Produce it with several associates.
Click below to see characters illustrations and scenes from "THE EMERALD DOORWAY (of The Ancient One):"  Captain Kalem Starland, Etta, Mayleena, Sen Dar, Master Ra Mu, General Harry Faldwell, Senator Judith Cranston, Master Nim, Gorn, Trebor, Yulan, Master Opellum, High Seer Stralim, Admiral Starland, Master Ra Mu Scene, Captain Kalem's Scout Ship Control Room, The Hidden Doorway of Mt Shasta, Contact Over The Bermuda Triangle, Harry And Judith Office Scene, Emerald Star Flagship, Personal Antigravity Transports, Sand Daringe Attack Scene, Captain Kalem Meets Juja Scene, Sen Dar's Scout Interceptor, Crystal Technology Mazon Laser Guns, Master Lumiera, and The Ancient One Scene.
PARALLEL TIME -                         THE SHORT MOVIE                Synopsis
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The books below are based on  the author's extraterrestrial contacts, out-of-body journeys, and what is coming to transform our planet.
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The Parallel Time Trilogy
The Parallel Time Trilogy
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